In 2000 a good friend introduced me to a music program called "ACID by Sonic Foundry", an awesome program that allows you to overlap sound clips in layers so you can create and edit your own music. Although I played the drums in my teens years...I didn't actual play any musical instruments for this "Cyber Jammer" project, the name says it all... jamming solo in cyberspace.

I have no formal training...I just know what I like to hear. I collected sound samples where ever I could and for a short time I had a blast experimenting. A few weeks after learning the basics of that program and obtaining several thousand sound samples to play with...needless to say the obsessed prolific Imaginator that I am accumulated quite a selection of interesting compositions in the works, thus began the delusional inception of my first album I called "Afrolatruix"...don't ask me what it means...I'm still trying to figure it out. Anyway, soon after that as if the first one wasn't enough...I had the beginnings of my second "album" "Transcender". Lol ! Just havin' some fun and not taking myself too seriously...I had a great time playing with music and wanted to push myself as a creator as I often do. I have no intention of pursuing a musical career. But I do enjoy a wide variety of music and had a lot of fun attempting to creating music that I liked to listen to ...and hopefully you too.

Check out my "Work In Progress" songs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy inflicting them upon you. Hehe ! Enjoy ! - Den (Cyber Jammer)


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CyberJammer: On The Move