I'm a big fan of the 2D animated show "Rick and Morty" and felt inspired to recreate and animate these crazy charcaters in 3D. The above video is my attempt at a 3D recreation of the first 2 minutes of the Pilot Episode 1. If you are a "Rick and Morty" fan I hope you enjoy my 3D rendition. Your feedback and support is appreciated. den@denbeauvais.com

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The first step was to extract the sequential frames from the original 2D animation. Those individual frames were then imported into Maya and overlay-ed on a polygon plain locked to the camera as a rotoscoping reference for animating the dialogue, body motions as well as for the ship turbulence.

This started off as a simple rig test for a Mr. Meeseeks and the little animation evolved as they often do.


Meeseeks Portal Fun Looping Animation (955kb)


Right click on settings and select "LOOP"...watch it till your brains dissolve. : )

Rick drags Morty out of bed


Rick and Morty flying over QR code city

Rick tells Morty he's made a bomb

Rick and Morty ...blah blah


Rick and Morty...whatever

Fuck it...nobody reads these titles anyway.

Mick and Rorty Land. Did ya notice the Gila Monster?


Kirc and Tormy...see what I mean? Ya didn't notice did ya?

I bet no body will ever write me too mention deez typos and if U do youR no dout an Uber Dweeb!

Rick and Morty Get Schwifty


"I'm Mr. Bull Dops"

Rick and Morty drop their weapons

Drop Zone Area 51


UFO Chemtrails

Butt Head Banging

"I like what you got!"


Morty gettin' down with his tambourine

"Time to Get Schwifty in here"

Your feedback is appreciated, let me know what ya think, Den den@denbeauvais.com


If you enjoy this animation...please donate a little something, every little bit helps. Thank You !

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