Welcome to my concept Truther Toys...Toys that tell the Truth!

These toys are Photoshop concepts in an attempt to reveal some crucial information through satire and unorthodox humor. Please ignore all links to ConspiracyCards.com...that website is no longer active, but you can still view the 150 cards I created on Facebook for FREE

Click on the thumbnail images to view the larger versions. Enjoy!

Bank$ters Monopoly Press

SCREWED...The Game of LIFE

Air Crapper One - Remote Control Chemtrailer


Trooth-Brush - Eugenic Fluoride Pump

The Bohemian Grove Complete Elite set

Tomas FEMA train set

Barbara & Bitches Prison Block training set


The Georgia Guidestones LETGO set

Little Cops Non-Lethal Training Toys

The Home Eugenics I.Q. Evaluator-Guillotine

Moansanto Mr.Potato Head

Play Doctor Sick Kit

SPAZ Sheeple Candy Dispenser

Truther Toys Action Figures - TRUTH TROOPERS

Concept Bobble Heads of some of the most courageous and patriotic heroes of our time.

At the moment they are concept images only that I created in Photoshop. I hope to produce them for real someday, as I believe they would be a great way to honor our Truth Troopers. With audio capability, their own voices can be implemented with an important message for all curious ears to hear. Wouldn't they be great to put on your desk at work?

I'm still looking for serious investors to help make these toys a reality.So if you're interested in supporting the Truth movement and want to do something productive with your money, contact me and let's produce these toys and get the message of Truth out!


Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger version.


Alex Jones


Jack Herer


Rick Simpson

Barry Cooper

Jim Tucker

Dave vonKleist


"Illuminati Toys" , a fictitious company intending to draw your attention to "Eugenics".

"Eugenics" is a covert plan dedicated to depopulating the human race through deceptive methods such as, Genetically modified Foods (GMO), Chemtrails in the Air, Cancerous Vaccines, Fluoride in the Water, etc.

The most effective way to combat the "depopulation agenda" is to learn and spread the truth!


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