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Please contact me if you'd like to commission a portrait of yourself, your children(s),your pet(s), spouse in sexy lingerie or whatever your heart desires.




Self Portrait 2020 - 22"x30" Oils on Canvas



Latest portraits from 2018 -2020

Paul Bocuse

20"X12.5" Oils on Custom size Masonite


16"x20" Oils on Canvas

John & Fiona Brown

24"x24" Oils on Canvas

John Houghtaling

22"x28" Oils on Canvas

Keith Parkinson

16"x20" Oils on Canvas

Franco Valobra

18"x22" Oils on Masonite

Elmer Beach

16"x20" Oils on Canvas

Jamie Beach

11"x14" Oils on Canvas

OJ Valentin

16"x20" Oils on Canvas

Earlier portraits from 2010 -2018

Life-size Self-Portrait : Den 2012, oil on canvas 60"x36"


Life-size Portrait : Wife - Betsy and cats 2012, oil on canvas 48"x48"


Family Portrait : Kalen and Den Chess 2015- oil on canvas 48"x36"




Personal Portrait : Kalen & Betsy- Sasquatch Park 2016 oil on canvas 36"x48"


Larger than Life-size Portraits : Kalen, Betsy and Den 2012- oil on canvas 40"x30"

Life-size Portrait : Wife - Betsy 2012- oil on canvas 16"x20"



Larger than Life-size Portraits : Betsy & Den 2012- oil on canvas 28"x22"



Crazy Life-size Portrait : Den 2010- oil on canvas 16"x20"


Life-size Portrait : Dad in Borrego Springs 2012, acrylic & oil on canvas 48"x48"


Life-size Portrait : Wife - Betsy 2015- oil on canvas 16"x20"



Life-size Portraits : Son-Kalen 2015 - oil on canvas 22"x28"


Larger then Life-size Portrait : Den 2015- oil on canvas 22"x28"


Life-size Portrait : Laurie 2015- oil on canvas 16"x20"



Life-size Costume Portrait : "Casilda" Betsy Opera - 2011 oil on canvas 60"x36"


Selfie larger then Life-size Portrait : Marilyn 2012- oil on canvas 16"x20"


Small Portrait : Mom-in-Law 2015 - oil on canvas 9.5"x11.5"



Life-size Portrait : Son - Kalen 2012- oil on canvas 48"x36"


Small Portrait : Joe 2015 - oil on canvas 9.5"x11.5"


Small Portrait : Steven 2016 - oil on canvas 9.5"x11.5"


Commission Portrait : Judge 2016 - oil on canvas 30"x40"



Life-size commission Portrait : Father Fishing 2016- oil on canvas 36"x60"


Commission Portrait : The Houghtalings - oils on canvas 34.5"x55"

Capt. Grant "Red"Boice. 2016 - oil on Masonite 20"x30"


Commission Portrait 22"x28" oil on canvas

Commission Portrait Diane Gibb. 2016 - oil on canvas 24"x36"


Commission Portrait 24"x30" oil on canvas

Family, Friends & Neighbours

Maureen Hale - oil on canvas 22"x28"


Debbie Shine - 22"x28" oil on canvas

Alexis Edwards - oil on canvas 16"x20"


Angelica Santini- 18"x24" oil on canvas

Arvid (Sonny) Hoppas - oil on canvas 20"x24"


Bobby The Book - 20"x24" oil on canvas

Chris - oil on canvas 20"x24"


Jorge Luna - 20 "x24" oil on canvas

Judith Douglas - oil on canvas 16"x20"


Lynn Doiron- 16"x20" oil on canvas

Jo Ann Knox - 24"x48" oil on canvas


Irene Donnell - 16 "x20" oil on canvas

Aldo Santini - oil on canvas 26"x20"


Aldito Santini - 24"x30" oil on canvas

Mercedes Castillo Casillas - 11 "x14" oil on canvas


Jorge Diaz - 11"x14" oil on canvas

Hugh McLean - oil on canvas 12"x16"




Hugh McLean - oil on canvas 8"x10"


Hugh McLean - oil on canvas 30"x40"




Azalea - 24 "x30" oil on canvas

Caro Emerald - 20"x30" Oil on canvas

Cosmic Portraits

Life-size Cosmic Portrait : "Cosmic Gypsy" 2015 Acrylic on canvas 24"x36"



Cosmic Portrait : "Cosmic Betsy" 2015 Acrylic on canvas 20"x20"


Fantasy Portraits

Fantasy Portrait : "Señora Kathleen" 2016 Oils on canvas 22"x28"



Fantasy Portrait : Marco Gutierrez - oil on canvas 20"x24"



Life-size Fantasy Portrait : "Queening" Shan- 2015 oil on canvas 60"x36"



Fantasy Portrait : "Cosmic Betsy" 2015 Acrylic on canvas 20"x20"


Life-size Cartoon Family Portrait : "The Simpsons" 2015 Acrylic on canvas 48"x48" + 12"x16"

Fort sale $1 Million Dollars, OBO




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